A Live Tribute to the 1960's Yardbirds
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Fan Photos

RaveUps Attract a BIG Crowd at Monterey

O'Kearny's Crowd at BIN 2

Sonora Blue Festival 2008_Dave in action

Solano Stroll_2010

Solano Stroll_Albany_2009

Rather Ripped Records 40th Anniversity April 2011 at Eagles Hall

Drummers Snider & McCarty_Guitarists Lewis & Dreja

Ready To Go-Go-Go

A Strolling Rave at The Kensington Pub

New RaveUps Fans at Monterey

Lazarex Benefit 2010_Bandido Jam_Bob_Choco_Chris_Johnny

A Last Tune_Monterey

The Kensington Pub with Lily on Lead - April 201

Devil Dolls Lazarex Foundation 2010 Benefit_Hope In Motion

Break at Fantasy Studio's

Dave Recording Tambourine ;-)

A Bone 107 Rockin Time on the SS Jeromiah O'Brian

Cool Dancing at BIN 2

Chris Working It At BIN 2

Bobby Jammin at Monterey

What Are We Doing Again ?

Rockin' Rossmor ?

Rossmor - Bob Works Out Some Last Details with Lily