A Live Tribute to the 1960's Yardbirds
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What Our Fans Are Saying About The RaveUps

Jim McCarty - The Yardbirds
"The RaveUps are a lot of hooligan's (hahahahaha)" We are happy to have them as our tribute band. Their attention to detail and energy does us proud."
Chris Dreja - The Yardbirds
"We could not have a better tribute band - The RaveUps are dedicated musicians and really nice people."
John Idan (The Yardbirds) Sep 10, 2008
"Really nice work guys! Great vocals, nice guitar solo's and sound, probably more authentic than the real thing! ;)

Best wishes,"

Seymour W. Duncan - Business Professional, Guitarist and Owner of Jeff Beck's Yardbirds Esquire... now in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Aug 3, 2009
"I love The Raveups and they are my favorite live band... Great players and true to The Yardbirds sound... Can't get enough of them..."
Jim Ocean - OceanWorks Productions for the 23rd Annual Music and Market Series at Todos Santos Plaza Jun 16, 2011
"The RaveUps delivered a stunning tour de force of the Yardbirds, the Animals, and early British invasion material. All the arrangements and colours of the repertoire were true to form. It brought back the memories of when I was 13 and couldn't wait to turn on the the radio. My young intern crew listened wistfully wishing their generation had birthed such songs. Everyone was real nice we enjoyed working with you. Keep mining the niche!


Tim Jul 31, 2011
"Fun afternoon. I saw the Yardbirds in 1966. You guys sounded better."
Dennis Hagerty - Music Coodinator, Novato Festival of Art, Wine and Music Jun 12, 2011
"...you met and exceeded our expectations. Keith Relf is smiling up above. Thanks,


Renee Jun 12, 2011
"Just saw you at Novato Street Fair - REALLY GREAT!!! What perfection! Please add me to your email list - can't wait to see you again soon. Thanks for the reminder of what great music our generation gave the world!"
Ulises Mavridis Dec 13, 2010
"absolutely five stars and two thumbs up!!"
Rory G. Feb 6, 2010
"These guys rock !!!!!!!!!!!! They have The Yardbirds version down but make it their own. The guitarist has that angry Beck tone. Eat your heart out Joe Perry."
Sophia turbo Oct 13, 2009
"расчудесные старпёры!"
Sham Garus Oct 9, 2009
"These guys are better and more talented than almost all the groups today."
twilighttears7 Sep 14, 2009
"the most amazing tribute band of all time!!"
d lagrua Aug 9, 2009
"I can't believe how good you guys are!!!!!!!


Jeff Putnam Jul 21, 2009
"Saw the Yardbirds (both shows) in Peoria, Illinois during the winter tour when Jeff Beck left the group. Disappointed Beck left, but Page wasn't half bad. Watched your video of Train Kept A'Rollin' (Stroll On) on YouTube and was blown away with the musicianship and authenticity of sound! To a man, you are spot on! If you are ever in the Midwest, there are tons of people who would love to hear you! Please, keep on keepin' on!"
John Mouritsen Mar 1, 2009
"It was a pleasure to get to watch the RaveUps at the Kensington Circus last night! You guys are great! It's the next best thing to a time machine to a Soho Pub in '67'!!! What fun! It was also great to watch some of your students play. You are doing a great job of passing the torch to the next wave. Keep the faith and keep play'in."
Francisco Javier Jan 19, 2009
"I`m from Chile and I`ll try to do my best writing to you in English (I speak Spanish as you should know). I`ve been watching a video where you play "Evil Hearted You" and I really think that`s an amazing video. Where are you from? Are you still singing?"
Yardbirds Fan Nov 29, 2008
"The Raveups attention to musical detail is brilliant. I have been an avid Yardbirds fan since 1965 and the Raveups are spot on."
Armjos Jul 5, 2008
"One word - EXCELLENT."
Greetings from Stig in Sweden Apr 28, 2008
"I really love you boys! Im a man in the my late 50s and many of the English bands visited Sweden during the 1960s. Among them was the Yardbirds. Saw you in Youtube and must say that you're better than the original."
Rich Feb 25, 2008
"Sorry to hear that we can't see you live unless we get out to the west coast. I am amazed at your sound live- I wore out my Rave Up album as a kid and every riff is still there in my head. You have really nailed them and I so enjoy watching & listening to your music."
Judy Michael Feb 23, 2008
"Rich found you in You Tube when he was looking for music by the Yardbirds. Some of the songs you do from the Rave Up album we like even better than the Yardbirds. Rich is a purest with his music. Your talent and energy make him smile. Where are your concerts this year? Do you ever travel to the Atlanta area? My husband is a huge fan. I'd like to get him tickets for his birthday. Thanks for bringing fun back into music."
Vanessa - San Francisco, CA Feb 5, 2008
"I just discovered you guys yesterday at the Bottom of the Hill show with the Minks and you're incredible! My friend and I had a blast at the show. Thanks and keep on rocking."
Michael Dec 27, 2007
"What is your touring schedule for '08? Anything in the Midwest?"
Ray Dec 20, 2007
"You guys ever come to the East Coast, Philadelphia area?"
Bill Nov 16, 2007
"Just got a computer and just discovered you guys on YouTube. Simply superb is all I can say. Absolute aces. Keith's voice and the Jeff Beck guitar done to a tee. You are on my must see list. Could you let me have some dates for the UK in 2008 so that I can book my holidays so as not to miss you. Thanks and kind regards."
Audrey Oct 17, 2007
"Do you ever do performances on the East Coast such as Pittsburgh? I love the Yardbirds and have seen them twice, July 2006 and August 2007. Just wondered."
Patrick Aug 20, 2007
"Saw you guys at Sonora Blues Festival. You stole the show. Brought me back to when rock was pure. Please add me to your email list. I'll drive a hundred miles to see you perform."
Lydia Aug 13, 2007
"Hi. I wanted to let you know I loved your performance at Fire On The Mountain this past weekend. What a fun, talented group you are. Please add me to your mailing list. I hope that you have some dates in the San Jose area soon and play in the area regularly. I'll be there with my friends!"
George Feist Aug 12, 2007
"My wife Sherry and I were in the front row. I had my blue Roger the Engineer t shirt on with Jim McCartys signature on it, so the Raveups would know I was there as a Yardbird fan....WOW THESE GUYS ARE GOOD...I was "up" for every song....I looked around and people were streaming in wondering who are these guys?.....and sticking around to rock to some Yardbirds tunes....musicianship was sooooo good...it was amazing to hear some right on riffs.......Lead guitarist played so hard he bled all over his guitar....seemed like a bunch of nice guys too....easily the best band for us of the day....what a RAVE UP we had in Sonora............thanks"
Allyson Aug 2, 2007
"Loved seeing you guys at the Monterey Pop festival last weekend. You got a well deserved, great review in our local paper by the way. Do you plan to be in the Monterey area again soon? Please add me to your email distribution list, I would love to see you again."
Cathy Holmes Jul 31, 2007
"I had a great time at the MONTEREY SUMMER OF LOVE FEST 7-28-07. The RaveUps were by far the BEST BAND there!!! I'm a long time Yardbirds fan, you guys hit it right on, Thank you for such an energetic, Great Show!!! Fab"
Leo - Boston, MA Jul 28, 2007
"Super job on a great time in music--nothing better than The Yardbirds! Great guitar sounds too--love it! Question...AC 15 or AC 30's? Sounds great with the Tele. Your two guitar sound is killer..I love it! Makes me want to add a few new tunes to our set list! Thanks! www.four-on-the-floor.com"
Jeff Wolverton - Blue Ridge, GA Jul 18, 2007
"You guys are very good! I love The Yardbirds. Will you be playing in the Atlanta area in 2007? If not, how close to Atlanta will you be playing? I'd very much like to see you guys live. Any cd's or dvd's for sale?"
Little Willie Mojo Jul 5, 2007
"Great show last night at the Great American Music Hall. Chris was really cooking on guitar. I just wished you guys could play on and on. A hour is just not long enough. What a powerhouse performance you put on. All my friends were really happy that they were able to see a tribute band as good as the original.

All the best...."

Scott Jul 5, 2007
"Found you cats on YouTube lookin' fer Yardbird clips and man-o-man-o-shevitz am I blown away! Dig what yer doin' and hope you make to LA one day.


Bruce - Ventura, CA Jul 5, 2007
"Job well done, gentlemen!! I saw the 'birds (with Jimmy) in 1966 in Santa Barbara, CA, went out & bought a guitar two days later, and have been playing ever since. To this day the band still inspires me, so I wanted to tell your guys what a great job you are doing in honoring them. The music sounds great... the tone is there, the equipment is there, and the playing is there! I'd be thrilled to be involved in a similar project out here in CA, so let me know if you ever hear of anything out this way.

Here's a bit of info for you... That night Page was using his Tele through a single Dual Showman head sitting between two cabinets, side by side. The cabs (2-15's each, standard Dual Showman cabs) were slightly angled towards each other. This allowed better feedback when he turned around and faced them - standing between the cabs. I recall Chris was playing the EB-2, and probably similar new Fender gear, as Jimmy, for amplification. I remember the bands amps all being new Fenders.. as a lot of English bands around that time period flew into LA (near where I live) and snatched up new guitars & amps."

Mitch Koses Jun 12, 2007
"I heard and saw your band on YouTube and I think you sound great and authentic. I live in the Los Angeles area and would really like to see your band live. Is there any chance of any gigs in the L.A. area? If your considering it I recommend a classy concert, dinner venue called the Canyon Club just outside of the San Fernando valley as a possible option. I saw John Mayall there last month and it was a great show to a full house of appreciative fans of blues based music. You can contact them through their website and after they see your performances on the internet, I'd be shocked if you weren't asked to perform. Anyway if your not performing in L.A. and I'm up north and your performing somewhere, I'm there. I just might call them up and mention your band to them to see if I can possibly make this scenario happen. Keep making great music,"
Robert Apr 7, 2007
"I have seen many, many tribute bands but you guys get the prize as far as I'm concerned. I'm very impressed with all you have done with The Yardbirds recorded versions. To my recollection The Yardbirds were not the great live group...at least not as amazing as on the albums. You have taken those recorded versions and made them believable! More than believable...unbelievable!!!"