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John Cuniberti / Drums

Founding creator, member and drummer, John is seen and heard on the skins in the earlier RaveUps video and audio. Although very busy recording and mastering for some of the industries big names, and running his own company producing the original Reamp, John still finds time to come out and help on some of the higher profile RaveUps jobs providing live sound production and engineering with a special Yardbirds "ear”, helping to capture that essence in The RaveUps’ live performances. Thanks John !

Jeff Rickets / Rhythm Guitar

Picking up after Glenn’s departure, Jeff geared down and worked the rhythm guitar parts and backing vocals to the next level. Jeff can be heard in the early live studio recordings and has a few shot’s in the British Invasion Night #1 photo section. Jeff is still keeping his chops up with his local club band and religiously attending the boys Little League games. We look forward to when we can get Jeff onstage to cover a rhythm guitar overdub part or two. Should be wild !

Glenn Franzen / Rhythm Guitar

Another founding member, Glenn helped carve out the guitar parts early on and played the inaugural RaveUps gig where the band was introduced to the local San Francisco “East Bay” scene. But with a son in college Glenn thought it prudent to jump on a lucrative Gibson rep opportunity. With that came the travel and significant responsibility but Glenn can still be seen from time to time at a RaveUps gig providing his support and a sense of humor that, yes, dates as far back as the picture he submitted for this page !

Rich Snidner / Drums

Rich put in a couple of years from 2007 through 2008. A student of The British Invasion style Rich did a good job following up after John left the band. After a good stint with the The RaveUps Rich was looking for a new challenge and decided to move on to new pastures. Good luck Rich, and thanks for the work!